MFA145 series intelligent fan motors (PMSM)



    We established a professional team focusing on livestock and poultry farming, extensively connecting the industry, and deeply understanding the industry needs. We grasp future development trends and refine efficient solutions.

    All our actions are for the needs and development trends of livestock and poultry farming. Design and formulate unified standards for quality, parameters, and performance for products.

    We reasonably plan and develop a series of products to meet different needs according to demands so that customers can obtain high-quality professional motors in one stop.

    We provide a digital base to visualize breeding data, realize unattended, remote control, and automatic management of production equipment, and promote the development of livestock and poultry breeding in standardization and scale.


     Low energy

    Strong overload

    Large torque

    No wearing parts such as brushes and collector rings.  IP66 dustproof and waterproof. Multiple protections such as WF1 anti-corrosion, F-class insulation, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, etc. More stable and durable. 

    Energy efficiency level IE4. Permanent magnet excitation, no current excitation. High power factor, No rotor consumption. Energy saving up to 30%.

    Greatly avoid the risk of burn-in and frequent shutdown within the range of temperature protection.

    They can run at a very low speed and constant torque under the premise of ensuring high efficiency and energy saving, which is different from the low efficiency of traditional motors at low speed and high torque.

    Small in size

    Light in weight

    Low noise
    Stepless speed

    Simple and small structure compared with traditional motors due to fewer components such as brushes, collector rings, rotor copper wire windings, and commutators.

    Simple structure, and light in weight compared with traditional motors due to fewer components such as brushes, collector rings, rotor copper wire windings, and commutators.

    Brushless rotors are driven by permanent magnets. High-quality brand bearings and outer dynamic balance rings are applied.  Magnetic circuit designs are excellent. Those help to achieve low-noise operations.

    Brushless operation technology was adopted for precise speed regulation. 0~10V analog, RS485 speed regulation, and ultra-wide speed regulation ratio. No gear with smooth speed regulation.

    High Biosecurity
    Good Animal Welfare
    High Production Efficiency

    The ventilation flow can be regulated and  equipment like manure scrapers can be started and stopped automatically according to the data collected by the linkage devices. So, the breeding house can always be kept away from the dirty, sultry, and humidity. Under unattended and remote intelligent control, animals can be isolated from infectious agents possibly carried by people and vehicles.

    Precise and quantitative feeding to avoid an excessive diet of livestock and poultry. The intelligent linkage between equipments can timely and accurately perceive the changes in the environment in the breeding house, which realizes intelligent ventilation control and ensure the livestock and poultry are always in a comfortable and healthy living environment.

    Energy efficiency grade IE4, energy saving up to 30%. Stable and reliable operation. Low maintenance cost. Good animal welfare can help to shorten the production cycles and ultimately imcreases production efficiency.

    Specialized Products
    Intelligent Farming

    The products are designed, developed, and produced according to  standardization and serialization, especially for animal husbandry scenarios. They provide effective solutions. They are safe and reliable with multiple protections against over-current, overload, over-voltage, under voltage, over temperature, and others, more than IP66 class dustproof and waterproof, WF1 class anti-corrosion, and F class insulation protection.

    Visualization of data and operations. Equipment interconnection makes an automatic start, stop, and speed regulation available according to the preset commands. Realization of unattended operation, remote control at multiple terminals, and other intelligent management.

     Energy Efficiency Rate: IE4Mechanism: Direct drive

     Control Method: Modbus, 0~10V, digital inputInput Voltage: 380V AC

     Protection Grade: IP66 dustproof and waterproof, WF1 anti-corrosionInput Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

     Rotation Direction: Clockwise / anticlockwise (optional)Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃

     Installation Method: Cable-stayed, horizontal, verticalOperating Humidity: 10% ~ 95%

     Housing's Material: Aluminum alloyMotor Structure: Integrated

     Protection Method: Softwares and hardwares' overvoltage and undervoltage; Driver's overtemperature, overcurrent, and overload.

    Rated Power (kW)
    Input Current (A)1.1
    Rated Speed (rpm)1450
    Speed Range (rpm)200~1600
    Rated Torque (n.m)2.4

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